Eldorado - Miletus

Building: Núcleo

In operation since 1999, ELDORADO is a unique RD&I center in Brazil. With expertise in the areas of software, hardware, microelectronics, trials and tests, certification of telecommunications products, education and consulting, the Institute creates and executes projects focused on technology and innovation.

It serves the IT/Telecom, Energy, Agribusiness, Oil&Gas, Health, Automotive, and presents success cases in emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Graphical Computing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Virtual Assistants and Voice Interface, Big Data and Analytics, Embedded Systems, IoT and Blockchain.

It has more than 1400 employees distributed across four units, located in Brasília, Campinas, Manaus and Porto Alegre. In addition to contributing to the digital transformation of companies, its purpose is to develop the country's technological ecosystem, focusing on Open Innovation projects.

+55 (19) 3757-3000

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