Corporations can create their own laboratories within the Park so that their R&D teams can develop innovative projects in partnership with the University.

Incubated Companies

Technology-based companies in the pre-incubation or incubation stage have the intellectual support of the Incubator. Thus, they can also set up in the Park spaces.


Innovative startups can rely on the Park's infrastructure and innovative ecosystem interaction that include different fields of knowledge.


Advantages of the Park

Convergence with Unicamp

Synergy with the brand and values ​​of one of the best Universities in Latin America.


Connection that expands innovation by means of empathy and exchange of tacit knowledge in the ecosystem.

Interaction with researchers and professors

State-of-the-art research agreements and mentoring environment available to professionals from private companies.

Access to talents in order to expand your team

Logistical facility to attract new employees with excellent education.


with the profile of startups and technology giants are already connected in an innovative way.

direct jobs

that transform scientific and technological ideas into disruptive businesses..


Differentials for

“The innovation of ecosystem, either academic or startups’, is very strong. There is no doubt that Samsung Research Center benefits from it in several ways.”

Miguel Lizarraga,

Differentials for

"The transformation of our technology into a business has only been possible through the existing dialogue between the University and the incubated startups and also due to the support of an efficient infrastructure for a company that is taking its first steps."

Paula Fortes,
Alba Sensors

Available spaces

Check out all available options to set up your company in one of the buildings of the Park.