Unicamp's Science and Technology Park and its Technology-Based Business Incubator (Incamp) prospect and maintain relationships with various partners who help with the training and education of incubated companies, as well as opportunities for other programs such as Redemprendia's internationalization program.

The complex also actively seeks out investors and accelerators who become partners in the innovative ecosystem driven by the university. These contacts are important for various joint actions in programs and, above all, for incubated companies to receive financial or intellectual capital in potential partnerships.

Among the relationship actions, with the support of Inova Unicamp, the Park has held an annual Meeting with Incamp Investors since 2016, when this group of partners can take part in rounds of pitches with the startups and incubated companies present in the Park's community.

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Partners of
incubation programs

See below the incubation program partners offered by Incamp:

Network of
investors and accelerators

See below the incubation program partners offered by Incamp:

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