Incamp has an open incubation notice for the submission of projects with two technical evaluation panels in 2020:

Date of the 1st Technical Evaluation Panel — 01/04

Deadline for receipt of proposals —  03/16

Date of the 2nd Technical Evaluation Panel —  09/15

Deadline for receipt of proposals —  08/31

See the notice and annexes:

Disclosure of the results by Incamp Technical Evaluation Panel — 04/01

Principal / Approved Company — Incubation or Pre-incubation / Not Approved

  • Aureliano Agostinho Dias Meirelle Incubation Approved
  • Cleber José Ferreira Not Approved
  • Euclides Lourenço Chuma Pre-incubation Approved
  • José Roberto Tonelli Filho Not Approved
  • Luciano Severino da Silva Not Approved
  • Luisa Fernanda Rios Pinto Incubation Approved
  • Manazael Zuliani Jora Incubation Approved
  • Mariana Rodrigues Souza Incubation Approved
  • Mateus Cayres Martins Not Approved
  • Ricardo Luiz Soeltl Incubation Approved